Latest lash and tanning trends on show at PB North

Conditioning lash and brow treatments, brow defining make-up and fast acting tans are among the key trends in finishing touch treatments set to be on show at Professional Beauty North, which kicks off in five days.

Industry leading brands are preparing to showcase the latest products, which will include lash conditioners, brow highlighters and tan formulas that activate in two hours, to the North’s market of beauty buyers

Lashes and browsDreameweave magnetic lash serum

As clients’ demand for lash and brow enhancements continues apace, manufacturers are spotting the need to take greater care of the delicate hairs in those areas between treatments. Thanks to research in the development of powerful ingredients across the board, and a trend for full, luscious lashes and brows, this season sees a number of specialist conditioners and growth serums hit the market.

There will be new serums for lashes on show. Dreamweave’s Treatment Lash Construct uses an oil-free formula to nourish lashes, and CRT Emotions’ new growth serum contains peptides to stimulate hair growth at the roots.

Brands are also including lash-kind ingredients in with extending mascaras for fuller, bolder lashes without extension treatments. Dreamweave’s Lash Construct Magnet Mascara includes a conditioner in it formula, while Santhilea London will have its Magnetic Lash extension system, which uses hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to nourish.


For clients who don’t want to make the full commitment to a defining brow treatment, this season PB North welcomes a host of brow make-up products to create the Delevigne look for a single occasion. Ruby Cosmetics’ products include brow palettes and stencils and mineral brand Lily Lolo will have its range of Eyebrow Duo compacts, which contain two shades to contour and highlight brows. For a bolder look, Artdeco’s new launches this season include an innovative liquid brow pen.

Crazy Angel airbrush self tan Tanning

This season as tans are getting get faster – both to apply and to develop. Fake Bake’s latest launch is the 5 Minute Mousse, a quick-fix product the brand is calling a “party tan”. Unlike most fast bronzers, the product also has a slow-developing self-tan beneath that instant colour burst. Meanwhile, Celebrity Bronze will demo its new formula that takes just two hours to develop and Crazy Angel will show off its Instant Airbrush Self Tan, which develops in two to four hours.

Products to speed up the effects of a sunbed will also be available. Check out Cyrano’s stand for Tan Shot, a beauty drink with beta carotene and CoQ10 to enhance a tan.

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