Memory boosting programme launches at Indian wellness retreat

Holistic Indian wellness retreat Soukya has added a memory boosting programme to its offering. 

The seven-day Holistic Memory Enhancement Programme draws on Ayurvedic philosophy to help maximise the brain’s potential. 

The programme is centred on the belief that the average person only utilises around 30% of the brain’s capability to acquire and store new information.  

Ayrveda treatments incorporated into the programme include Shirodara, during which oil is pored on the head to still the mind and relax the nervous system; Vasti, which entails the use of warm oils and can be applied to areas such as the back, neck and knees and; Thalam, during which a medicinal paste is placed on the crown of the head. 

The treatments are designed to increase learning ability, encourage deep, restful sleep and improve concentration. 

Also included in the programme are a health assessment, daily medical check-ups and fitness activities such as yoga, swimming and walking.

Guests on the programme will be served healthy cuisine that is vegetarian and organic. Soukya is located in Bangalore, India and was founded by holistic health practitioner Dr Issac Mathai.