My May favourites

For my first blog as the new assistant ed here at PB, I thought I’d share the beauty revelations I’ve been discovering (and rediscovering) this month. Some of these brands were totally new to me before starting at PB and I’m having so much fun getting to know them and their products. Here are some of the products that I love enough to shout about this month…


The body care duo of my dreams has been realised in Fake Bake’s Coconut Macaroon Body Scrub from the new Dolce Dreams bath and body care range, and Cuccio’s Vanilla Bean and Sugar Butter Blend. Using these together is about as pleasurable as scrubbing and moisturising gets. Imagine coconut flavoured vanilla ice cream topped with mounds of sugar, and that’s what my skin smells like. I’m also ridiculously soft, silky and sheeny, which is always nice.

The scrub uses natural sugar for hard-working but gentle buffing, and it doesn’t irritate my skin one bit, unlike other highly perfumed scrubs which leave me with a bit of an itchy rash. The silkiness must be down to the coconut oil and shea butter, and I appreciate that this doesn’t leave me wrapped in a greasy film as with other more decadent scrubs. Side note: the fragrance really is potent – I think my bedroom beauty cupboard will be coconut scented forevermore.

I must admit I wasn’t expecting much from the Cuccio butter – after all, how many body butters have we all used? – but I’m amazed at just how different it is from any others I’ve tired. I didn’t actually think there could be much variation in the formula or texture of butters, but this manages to be both indulgently thick and really light, making it super easy to rub in. It sinks in really quickly so I can get dressed straight after, which is unusual for a rich butter. When I shower the morning after using this I can feel it clinging to my skin and keeping me moisturised, so my skin doesn’t have that horrible dry, tight feeling after washing. And obviously, it smells good enough to eat.



I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been a regular user of cuticle oil, but since starting with Gelish’s Nourish Cuticle Oil a few weeks ago I’ve noticed such a difference. My cuticles are smoother, neater and much easier to push back for a manicure. I’m also convinced it’s doing something for the general wellbeing of my nails.

Last but not least, I was treated to a wonderful Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Facial at Y Spa at Wyboston Lakes last week (more about that in the July issue). It involved lots of layering and different masks, one of which was Papaya Enzyme Peel, which I love but haven’t used at home in a while.


While I can’t say exactly what was responsible for my plump, glowing complexion post-facial (probably a combination of everything plus therapists’ hands), I can say that it reminded me how great this mask is for deeper but non-abrasive exfoliation. I think it’s especially good for people with young skin who aren’t tough enough for or don’t need chemical exfoliants (me). It’s nice and creamy and just works that little bit harder than a standard exfoliator, leaving you glowy and fresh.