Over 55s least likely to adopt an anti-ageing skincare routine

Consumer aged 55+ are the least likely to adopt a regular anti-ageing skincare routine, according to a new survey conducted by market research company Canedean.

The survey revealed that while 20% of UK consumer are concerned about skin ageing only a third have adopted a regular anti-ageing routine, with the 55+ market the least likely to act on it.

Over half (56%) of those aged 55+ have not done anything about their concerns with skin-ageing.

The research, which survey 2,000 adult consumers, suggested that the skincare industry is missing out on the over 55 market by focusing too much on young adult women.

Veronika Zhupanova, analyst at Canadean, said: “Manufacturers don’t get their messaging right when they talk to older consumers. This group is comfortable with their age, they don’t feel old and they don’t want to be treated as desperately clinging to youth.”

She added: “To achieve success among those aged 55 and older, skincare producers need to offer them inclusive products that promote good-looking, well-groomed skin as well as attractiveness, as opposed to treating their age as a burden that needs a relief.”