UK skincare brands missing out on the over-55 anti-ageing market

Skincare brands in the UK are failing to successfully target the over 55s when it comes to anti-ageing products, according to new market research. 

A report from market analyst Canadean found that those in the 55+ age group are less likely than any other age group to have an anti-ageing skincare routine. 

More than half, 56%, of consumers in this age group are not doing anything to address skin ageing concerns. In part, Canadean states, this is due to skincare brands primarily targeting younger consumers with their marketing. 

Canadean analyst Veronika Zhupanova said: “Manufacturers don’t get their messaging right when they talk to older consumers. This group is comfortable with their age, they don’t feel old and they don’t want to be treated as desperately clinging to youth. 

“To achieve success among those aged 55 and older, skincare producers need to offer them inclusive products that promote good-looking, well-groomed skin as well as attractiveness, as opposed to treating their age as a burden that needs a relief.”

Across all age groups, 20% of UK consumers expressed concerns over the ageing of their skin. However, only one third of that number has implemented an anti-ageing skincare routine to combat it. 

Zhupanova said: “There seems to be a gap between attitude and behaviour, as consumers are interested in counteracting ageing, but they do not adopt anti-ageing skincare routines. Reasons for this behaviour could be price, product availability or consumers simply not knowing what products to use or how often.”