PB meets Dr. Tracey Bell, CEO at Tracey Bell Clinic



With over 20 years experience in aesthetic medicine Dr.Tracey Bell has consulted with clients across the globe within the Tracey Bell Clinic.

Combining new and innovative technology with science and art, Dr. Bell integrates her worldly expertise to offer her patients treatment that surpasses just healthcare, to create perfect faces, bodies and smiles that reflect natural beauty and well-being.

The Tracey Bell brand encompasses five main areas:

·      SkinScription – non-surgical solutions

·      SlimScription – lose the weight & gain the shape

·      SmileScription – general and designer dentistry

·      SpaScription  - all your beauty needs

·      SurgicalScription – surgical solutions

She also has developed a range of chirally- correct skincare which targets skin problems, working with the body’s natural chemistry and also an extensive mineral make up range promoting an SPF, oil-free approach to cosmetics.

PB:  What is your most popular product?

TB: We offer two exclusive injectable packages that target and alleviate ageing. Our Wrinkle Free Wednesdays offers one, two or three areas of Botox with a complimentary peel and microdermabrasion. The package ensures we are mechanically and chemically exfoliating the skin to lighten and brighten then the anti-wrinkle injections ensure the skin is smooth and retains its youth. Incredible Injectable Day combines three anti-wrinkle injections with either one or two areas of filler. The package is perfect for anyone who wants to target more static lines such as nasolabial (mouth lines) or would like to have their lips enhanced. 

PB: What makes your products special over the competition?

TB: I developed my own skincare brand, SkinScription, working closely with dermatologists and scientists over the world. The full range covers every skin ailment from sensitive and combination skins to acne prone, heavily sun-damaged skin, aged skin and those suffering from rosacea.

Each product is chirally correct – all the ingredients are purified to fit perfectly with the chemistry of the human body. The aim of the SkinScription is to revive, restore, correct and protect.  

PB: What would be the cost to professionals looking to start using your products?

TB: Our products in terms of results, cost and patient satisfaction will outshine any on market. Why? Evidence based medicine, listening to consumers needs and then providing them with a product that does work.

PB: Do you provide any extra services, advice or training programmes for professionals who use your products in their salons?

TB: Yes, I believe that any treatment or product provided needs to be backed up by continual mentorship, advice and constant contact. Aesthetic medicine and beauty are synergistic and I believe that in order to provide an excellent product, treatment, continual development is a necessary. With all of our products and treatments we will provide online support, as well as practical hands-on advise as we grow, our training programmes grown too as well as the education of beautician/aestheticians.

PB:  What products are you bringing to the show?

TB: Our Wrinkle Free Wednesdays and the Incredible Injectable Day packages are both available at our stand. Prices start from £200. 

PB:  Any other plans for the show?

TB: Presentations, education, meeting new partners and most of all showing the beauty world what we really can do!

PB:  What tips would you give salon owners looking to introduce a new line into their salon?

TB: Be different! People like new ideas, treatments and products that provide a solution to a particular problem and therefore I believe that salon owners need to listen to the concerns of their customers. Our brand Tracey Bell is simply developed from our customers’ needs. We listen, research and take an idea to reality.

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