PB meets Mark Hawthorn, Director of ThermaVein


Professional Beauty speaks to Mark Hawthorn, Director of ThermaVein, to learn about their product and the plans for Professional Beauty London.

ThermaVein technology has been used worldwide by the medical industry under the Veinwave brand for over 10 years without any close competition. Developed for the beauty and aesthetic markets ThermaVein technology is recognized as the treatment of choice for the safe, instant and effective removal of facial veins.

PB: What is your most popular product and what do you think makes it popular?

MH: Our group have very strong ethics and will only release a product when we feel it is very well developed. This compares favourably to many other competitors who will release ineffective products for sale and then develop them over time. We pride ourselves on our integrity and want to firmly establish ThermaVein™   as the treatment of choice before we launch our other products. The demand for the product has far exceeded our expectations as there appears to be a growing concern that a number of other inferior technologies will be subject to Government Regulation in the near future.

PB: What makes your products special over the competition?

MH: Our technology is unique and sits in a category of it’s own, unlike other technologies where there are hundreds of products all offering a similar thing. In our opinion, more importantly, our technology is both safe and effective. The biggest advantage ThermaVein appears to have over the competition is that we can demonstrate the treatment working live to potential clients – once we have done this there is no doubting the effectiveness and simplicity of the treatment.

PB: How cost effective are your products when introducing them into a salon?

MH: Incredibly effective, just one or two 15 minute treatments per month should cover the costs. We could charge a lot more for the product but we would prefer to ensure that as many people as possible have access to this treatment option

PB: Do you provide any extra services for professionals who use your products in the salons?

MH: As part of any purchase all training and back up is included. Our back-up isn’t a call centre it is an established Medical Centre where almost all staff have in excess of a decade of experience in this field.

PB: Why should salon owners visit your stand at the show?

MH: The treatment really has to be seen to be believed, our website features a range of clips from the various TV shows on which we have featured but seeing the treatment live produces a real “WOW” factor.

PB: Will you be having any special offers exclusive to the show?

MH: For all purchases made or deposits received at the show we will provide a pack of free consumables. The value of treatments these can be used for will at least cover the cost the machine. This will allow the user to recover the cost of the machine without further expense therefore potentially making it FREE

PB: Any other plans for the show?

MH: We have developed a “Charity Challenge” whereby we will put our treatment up against any competitors and both treat a number of patients. At the end of the treatment session the party with the best results will receive £500 from the other to donate to a charity of their choice

PB: What tips would you give salon owners looking to introduce a new line into their salon?

MH: We have conducted a lot of research into the market before our entry with some interesting findings. A few main tips would be:

·      Ensure the product works, many people buy based on the advice of the rep whose job it is to sell the product. We have yet to see a rep say a product doesn’t work but have met a large number who admit products they have sold are highly ineffective

·      Check the price of consumables – you may find your bargain piece of equipment costs a small fortune to operate and maintain. Many manufacturers make their money from the maintenance and consumables rather than the sale of equipment

·      Ask to speak to current customers for their opinion

·      Check the background of the company and their history

PB: Other news on the horizon?

MH: We have recently launched in the US due to the demand we received, this has slowed our UK operation a little but overall has boosted our sales and profile. In addition we are in advanced negotiations with parties in Germany, Ireland and Turkey to mention a few.


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