Perfect polish

By Tskenya Sarah Fraser, Professional Beauty intern

Having coloured nails is one of the simplest ways to add a spark to your client’s look. Whether they are looking to match their nails to an outfit or are simply going for a colour that caught their eye, make sure the colour compliments their skin tone. Different hues compliment different skin tones – here are a few ideas to help pick the perfect polish for your clients. 


darker nails Darker skin tones

Darker skin tones can be emphasised with darker nail polishes. These colours include red, burgundy, dark green or chocolate brown. Glittery-based nail polishes are also a good match for darker skin tones. A stylish look for dark-skinned women can be easily pulled off with a gold nail polish.  Orange-based nail polishes are also a winner for darker skins, as they create a nice contrast.  Also, be sure to look out for lighter shades, as many can highlight tanned skin. Go for lighter shades of pink, blue and purple.


medium tone

Medium skin tones

Having clients with this skin tone means they can wear most shades. Vibrant hues of pink, orange and purple will complement their complexion perfectly. Sparkly metallic based nail polishes, especially silver look great on those with a medium tone. However women with a neutral skin tone may want to avoid darker shades of red and blue as this may cause skin tone to appear paler than it is. 



fair nail tone

Fairer skin tones

The classic shades that flatter a fair skin tone are pink in softer shades, and darker shades of red. Experts have suggested that blue based nail polishes look the best on the fairer tone, so be sure to show your client the cooler shades that you have on offer. A general rule when matching nail polishes to a skin tone is to follow the light-light and dark-dark. Lighter shades will look great on your client, so ask them for their colour preferences.