Professional Spa & Wellness Convention, Speaker in the spotlight: Jeff Matthews

Jeff Matthews, President of Steiner Spa Consulting and President & COO of Mandara Spa talks about what to expect from this year convention.

Jeff Matthews will be speaking on Monday 24 February at 10:10 am about spa franchise and how to liscence and manage multiple units.

1 - Why do you feel “Spa Franchise: Licensing and managing multiple units: growing from 1 to 10… then to 1000.” is an interesting topic?

I think we are all inspired and aspire to be bigger and more international than we currently are. When we started Mandara the plan was 5 spas in Bali and done. Then we got one in Malaysia and as they say the rest is history, it was such a high growing in multiple countries and still is.

2 - As a Chair what can we expect from your session/speakers?

Real insight from people who have faced both success and set back as they took on the challenge to grow. Some real figures of costs, revenues and can it still be done.

3 - What are you most looking forward to at the convention?

As always seeing old friends and making new ones. It is such a great place to rub elbows with peers and see where you stack up.

4 - What current industry developments do you find most interesting and what can we expect to see within spa and wellness in 2014?

The move towards wellness is on everyone’s lips today. That seems to be the sustainable way to grow and develop your business. How will we educate the public or will they be educating us on what they want.

5 - Which are the biggest challenges facing the global spa market?

How to actually ensure you make money for the owners of day or hotel spas. Truth be told many do not.

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