Psychological impact of skin conditions can be just as damaging

As many as 1.8million people in the UK suffer with the psoriasis, with some 40% reporting that they are embarrassed by the inflammatory skin condition, according to new research from Exorex by Forest Laboratories.

The research, carried out as part of the company’s Everyday Psoriasis campaign and publish to mark National Psoriasis Day on October 29, found 22% of respondents felt depressed as a result of their psoriasis, and 7% felt suicidal.

What’s more, psoriasis has a significant impact on confidence, with 40% of people claiming that they are often not looked in the eye and 27% saying that others treat them differently because of their skin.

Some 17% of the 950 psoriasis sufferers that were surveyed for this research commented that the condition has held them back in their job, while 38% felt that their partner found them unattractive.

One third of the respondents claimed they’d be happier if their psoriasis disappeared, showing there is strong potential for business owners to capitalise on treatment for the condition.