Redefining beauty with pure gold

Founded in 1987, Royal Cosmetics launched the original pure gold cream, Royal Gold in Japan and since then the company has focused on pure gold flakes.

In order to realise the desires of women who continue to pursue beauty, ongoing research and development resulted in the creation of pure gold cream, which is oil-free and contains no animal products, artificial fragrance or colouring.

The product range includes:

·      EX Series: blends gold flakes and herbal elements as well as a unique moisturiser, providing firmness and preserving skin’s suppleness

·      21 Series: protects young skin while providing moisture, maintaining the balance of natural oils while preserving skin’s freshness

·      Soap and Foam

·      Hydrating ingredients, Aloe Vera and ginseng extract were blended to create a natural soap and foam.

You can see the full range from Royal Cosmetics on stand D23 at Professional Beauty North, taking place at Manchester Central on 13-14 October. Register for your ticket here.