Speaker in the Spotlight: Vincent Steinmann

Director Marketing, Sales and Communication, Clinique La Prairie, Vincent Steinmann  will be speaking at the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention 2015


1 -  What have been the most important spa industry developments in the past few years? 
Restorative wellness through personal enrichment: In our fast paced, constantly connected lifestyle, the need to revitalise is increasing. What consumers search from a Spa visit is no longer just a pampering experience, but as a catalyst for change. They are looking for an opportunity to reconnect with themselves through a wellness experience that will provide them with the necessary tools to apply in their daily life. 
With more individuals now prepared to invest in prevention through medical spa breaks, renewed and significant focus on “preventative” health concepts will only increase. In the future investment towards “preventative medical care” will exceed what we spend on “reactive medical care”. 

2 - Which are the most pressing issues currently facing the spa & wellness industry. 
Confused customers!

With such a great offer of Spa treatments and technology available how can consumers make the right decisions? 
The development of digital technology and social media has re-defined our communication behaviour. And though, consumers now have better health awareness, it is often difficult to navigate through the overload of -often contradicting- information available. 

3 - What industry changes would you like to see in 2015? 
A balance between technological innovation and human interaction: 
The recent development of health and wellness technologies will help consumers adopt a more active role in their level of wellness and fitness. However the need for human contact and expertise advice should not be underestimated. An emphasis on Spa and Wellness professionals training will be a priority. 
Emphasis on evidence-based technology: 
As new sophisticated equipment is introduced in Spa treatments, more questions should be raised on the scientific proof and efficacy of these technologies.

4 -Why industry event such as PSW Convention are so important ?
The PSW is an excellent platform to gain deeper knowledge on what is happening in the industry worldwide. It’s an opportunity to exchange information and test new ideas amongst the field’s leaders. It will be an inspiring and enriching experience! 

5 - What would you like the audience to take away from your session? 
Firstly I am honoured to be asked to participate at the PSW Convention as a speaker. I would like our session to challenge the audience and raise some intriguing points about customer loyalty. 

6 - Which sessions are you most looking forward at this year convention? 
I am particularly looking forward to the discussions on emotional engagement and guest experience. At Clinique La Prairie we welcome more than 80 different nationalities per year, customer engagement on a multi-cultural level is an ever day challenge. 

Vincent Steinmann will be speaking on Sunday 22 February at 15:00
Session: Spa Marketing: There is no business like repeat business

CHAIR: Janet Denyer, Vice President, Director Spa Operations, Montage Hotels

Nicolas Ronco, Chief Executive Officer, YELO Spa (NYC, Sao Paulo, San Juan)
Neil Orvay, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Spa and Wellness Limited  (Hong Kong)

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