The underworld of nail art

By Lucy Douglas

As much as we Brits might hate to admit it, America leads the way when it comes to nails, and that latest trend from across the pond to hit our shores is flip nail art.

The industry’s innovative and adventurous techs are always looking for new weird and wonderful ways to turn nails into ten mini works of art, and this latest craze, as it’s name suggests has techs styling the underside of the nail, so clients have something to show off from every angle.

After spotting a stunning gold leaf and confetti adorned reverse nail art design by US tech Naja Rickette – aka The Nail Guru – we decided to ask you guys if your clients have caught on yet. In our Insider survey, we found that one in eight nail salons are saying that clients are already asking after flip nail art.

Since then, we’ve spied a host of designs on Instagram, from the simple and stylish – vampy red, gold leaf – to the bold and brilliant – jewel encrusted, glittered.

Now, high fashion shoe label Christian Louboutin has just launched Loubi Under Red in the US, a polish for the under side of your nails, in the signature red colour that appears on the soles of the Louboutin’s iconic shoes. It uses a specially designed nail-art style brush to help accurately apply polish without covering the end of your (or your client’s) fingers in nail polish.

It’s not currently available at Louboutin’s UK online store, but with the brand’s lacquer line already pricing its polishes at £36 each, we don’t think your nail clients will be rushing to stock up if and when it does. In the meantime, why not see if the hardened nail art fans in your client base are tempted to give it a try?

We think it’s best done on extensions for a long enough, strong canvas for the design.