Therapists found to be second highest earners in the industry

Beauty therapists have the second highest earning potential in the hair and beauty industry with mobile hairdressers taking first place, according to a recent study conducted by Babtac.

The survey also found that full-time mobile technicians earn on average £420 per month more than those who are employed in a salon or working environment.

Sarah Condon, marketing and membership manager at Babtac, said, “The beauty industry was hit as hard as any other luxury market in recent times, so it is great to see the earning potential of those in the industry in cold, hard figures - they suggest that there is certainly money to be earned in the beauty field.”

812 British people took part in the survey, all of whom were aged 18 and over and had worked full-time in the hair and beauty industry for a minimum of 12 months.

When asked how much money they were paid on a monthly basis, the results revealed that the highest average earners are hairdressers with £1,850, followed by beauty therapists, £1,695, and the third highest earners are sports therapists with £1,458 a month.

“So that’s another sign that this is a really viable, positive career choice for young women and men looking for inspiration and perhaps even deciding what they want to do once they finish school," added Condon.

The respondents were divided into groups, either in mobile/self employed or employed in a salon, and the results showed that those who were employed earned an average of £1,330 per month compared to full-time mobile professionals earned an average of £1,750.  Earnings