There are only 5 Days left!

THERE ARE ONLY 5 DAYS TO GO! Continue to enter for the chance to win some fantastic prizes from some of the top exhibitors! Dont miss out! Click the WIN icon on your app and press ENTER each day! All prizes will be available to collect at the show. Below is the next 5 days of prizes that you could win:


Day 21 - 30th September - Professional Beauty

Win a free PB Club Upgrade with free parking and 3 free seminars of your choice at Professional Beauty Ireland!

Click here to see the seminar programme!



Day 22 - 1st October - Airbase

Win a free INTRODUCTORY COURSE AIRBRUSH MAKE-UP TRAINING. This course is suitable for make-up artists, beauty therapists and individuals keen to join the world of professional make up! the one-day course teaches the skills required to complete a flawless finish ideal for a bridal and occasion make-up including high-lighting, low-lighting, concealing and contouring. 

The course begins with a demonstration of Airbase Make-Up, providing vital information on the history and  benefits of this unique silicone based make-up brand. Practical application follows where hints, tips and techniques employed by the very best professional make-up artists in the industry are passed to you. 



Day 23 - 2nd October -

Win the new SmartPolish Collection! 5 new shades included! (RRP €100 + VAT)



Day 24 - 3rd October - Dreamweave

Win a Dreamweave Lip Voltage - the non-injectable lip plumper that is taking the beauty industry by storm!

Lip Voltage is a quick absorbing peptide lip treatment, using Nano technology to fill and volumise the lips. 

Whether you want a plumped-up perfected pout, or simply natural, soft beautiful lips. Lip Voltage lets you create softer, fuller lips!

Click here to find out more about the Dreamwear Lip Voltage! 



Day 25 - 4th October - Professional Beauty

Win €25 to spend at the Professional Beauty Ireland!


All prizes must be collected at show and cannot be posted in advance. The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or alternative gifts.