Training and interaction crucial to driving retail sales

Getting the retail area right, educating therapists about products and selling experiences are key factors in successfully driving retail sales in spas, according to findings from the Global Spa & Wellness Summit. The findings are based on discussions held at the Global Spa Retail Forum at the summit in India in October 2013. 

According to a report on the forum, participants felt badly designed retail spaces are a key culprit in failing to maximise on potential revenue. Rather than treat the retail area as an afterthought, they recommended spa operators to ensure the space is a priority from the start of the design process. 

Participants in the forum, chaired by Jeff Matthews, president of Steiner Spa Consulting and president and chief operating officer of Mandara Spa, also said spas should move away from glassed-in retail displays and allow customers to touch and try products. Spas were advised to “come up with a concept for an interactive experience in the retail area.” 

Educating therapists and making them passionate about what they sell was highlighted as integral, with the report commenting that people are more likely to “buy from a therapist who believes in the product.” Focusing on training therapists to view retail as a continuation of the treatment, rather than as a hard-sell, was suggested as a strategy for helping therapists embrace retail sales. 

Other advice from the forum, whose panellists included Kerstin Florian, founder and president of the eponymous spa brand, Kathryn Moore, director of operations at Mspa international and Joaquin Serra, senior executive vice president at Natura Bissé, included a greater focus on cross-selling and considering how successfully sell to male clients. 

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