Transform medical group launches National Feel Good Day today

Beauty treatments are key to making Britons feel good about themselves, according to new research by cosmetic surgery provider, Transform, as part of its campaign to launch National Feel Good Day.

Following the research which indicated very low levels of confidence among the UK consumers, the medical group has today launched its inaugural National Feel Good Day, calling on consumers people to do something that makes them feel good about themselves.

The research indicates that anti-ageing treatments could be key to consumer confidence, as 50% of UK women state that being told they look younger makes them feel good about themselves.

A quarter of women said that changing how they look, for example with Botox, fillers or makeup, made them feel better about themselves. This is particularly important to young people, with 39% of 18-24 year olds asked saying that made them fell better about themselves, compared to 11.6 % of over 55’s agree.

Respondents reported that problems areas such as stomachs, arms and cellulite all contributed to their lack of self-esteem. Three in ten said being asked if they’d lost weight made them feel good, and a third of people said if they could instantly change something about themselves, it would be their weight.

As part of its Feel good campaign, Transform Cosmetic Surgery called upon professor, Dr Todd Kashdan to review the results of the nationwide research, who found taking care of the body is key to feeling good.

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Statistics show that beauty treatments and looking good is a key element to how people feel about themselves.  Therapeutic and holistic remedies, help to counter the stresses and strains of everyday life, with massage known to release endorphins amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller.

Transform’s Feel Good Campaign research surveyed 2,033 people across the country.