Trends: Autumn laquer collections

Autumn brings with it a host of stylish and sleek new nail looks from the big brands. Professional Beauty takes a look at the latest lacquers and gels on offer as we  say good bye to summer head into the chillier months.

Essie - Fall Collection

Essie’s new fall collection is inspired by the mix of fabrics and textures seen on the runway. The collection features a deep blue-black shade in After School Boy Blazer, and two classic grey shades in Cashmere Bathrobe and Vested Interest. The two brights of the collection are a fruity crimson red, twin Sweater Setand the bright pearlescent fuchsia of The Lace Is On. For The Twill Of It is a rich, brown shade with a reflective olive shimmer which gives a texture to match the mix of fabrics seen on the runway. The Fall collection has an on-trend mix of colours and textiles with a warm, cosy feel.

Trade price £4.95 per bottle

Essie Fall Collection 13

Jessica – A Night at the Opera

The name of Jessica’s new collection, A Night at the Opera, conjures up images of deep, rich, shimmer colours and the shades in this collection live up to the name. The collection mostly features shimmer shades: the purple Prima Donna, the pink Opening Night and a rusty, burnt red shade in Overture. Standing Ovation is a shimmery duo chrome green/blue shade. The collection also features an on-trend dark navy shade in Blue Aria and a deep black shade in Velvet & Pearls.

Trade price £4.87 per bottle

Jessica Fall Collection 13 A Night at the Opera

LCN – Homecoming

The fall Homecoming collection from LCN features the warm and comforting colours of autumn. Berry Punch is a fruity, reddy-pink shade, which is a staple colour for this season. Home Sweet Home is another staple colour, a deep midnight blue. The collection also features a more edgy shade in Chocolate Fudge, which is a classic dark brown shade. Topping off the collection is Knitting Wool, a frosty white that will bring the collection into the colder months.

Trade price £2.50 per bottle

LCN Fall Collection 13 Homecoming

LCN – Charade

LCN’s Charade collection features four polishes all inspired by famous actresses. Audrey is an olive-green shade, and Liz is a burnt burgundy shade, which is set to be a staple colour for autumn. The other shades are brighter colours with the mustard yellow of Rita and a dusky orange red in Marilyn.

Trade price £2.50 per bottle

LCN Autumn Collection 13 Charade

Zoya – Cashmeres

The Cashmeres collection is tone of three new fall lines from Zoya. This collection features six creamy colours - including Livingston, which is a bright, pillar box red. Sailor is a dark, navy blue, which fits in well with a midnight blue trend of autumn. Most of the colours in the collection are dark shades: Pepper is a burnt red shade, while Hunter is a deep emerald green, and Louise is a dark brown. The Cashmeres collection features one classic nude shade in Flynn – a light, eggshell brown.

Trade price £5.15 per bottle

Zoya Fall Collection 13 Cashmeres

Zoya – Satins

Unlike the creamy shades seen in the Cashmeres collection, the colours in the Satins collection are silky metallics. The collection features a gold topcoat, Maria Luisa, which is a yellowy gold fine glitter. The rest of the collection features bright colours, with a metallic black in Claudine. Giovanna is a bright, turquoise shade, Mason is a bold fuchsia pink and Neve is a deep blue/purple shade. Channing is set to be a staple colour this autumn, a metallic, rusty burnt orange.

Trade price £5.15 per bottle

Zoya Fall Collection 13 Satins

Zoya – Pixie Dust

Zoya’s third fall collection is a range of matte, textured, sparkly shades. Designed to be used without a top or base coat, the collection features six bright, sparkly shades. Arabella is a cherry pink colour which is perfect for party nails and Carter is a dark, glittery purple. Dhara is a bright orange shade with a golden glitter which makes it stand out. The collection also features an emerald green in Chita and a Van Gogh blue in Sunshine, as well as the more nude, daytime look of the off-white shade in Tomoko.

Trade price £5.15 per bottle

Zoya Fall Collection 13 Pixie Dust

Morgan Taylor – Fall Collection

Morgan Taylor’s Fall collection mixes deep, dark shades with frosty, wintry pastels, along with some glittery shades. ‘The hard metal zipper accents and cinched waists gave a dangerous and seductive vibe on the runways…these sleek and powerful shades inspired the Artistic Colour Gloss Fall 2013 Collection,’ says creative director of the brand, Alisha Botero. The collection includes some glitter polishes: Under the Stars and Time to Shine are glittery shades in black and white, while All the Right Moves and Seal the Deal are coloured glitters. There are a range of mauve and grey wintry pastel shades, like Sweater Weather, with some deeper red shades like Take the Lead. The collection also features a cool denim blue shade in Denim du Jour.

Morgan Taylor Fall Collection 13

Orly – Surreal

Orly’s latest collection, Surreal, includes three shimmery shades, a petrol effect shade and two crème shades. The crèmes are Teal Unreal, a deep blue teal, and Pink Waterfall, a soft candy pink. Angel Rain is pale blue and has a petrol effect, with a light purple shimmer running through it. Purple Poodle is a cherry pink shade with shimmer which is a staple colour for the Autumn, and Pixie Powder is a pink/lavender shade with a silver shimmer.

Trade price £5.15 per bottle

Orly Fall Collection 13 Surreal

Mavala Sublime Collection for Autumn

Mavala’s new autumn collection is a mix of soft nudes and warm brights, and was designed to be chic, ladylike, and wearable. The nudes are Warm Grey, a soft, sandy grey colour, and Ivory Beige, a pale, pinky brown. There are also some deeper tones in the collection, like Twilight Blue, which is a deep, grey blue, and Espresso, a dark, chocolate brown. Poetic Rose is a bright, cherry pink shade and Amethyst is a bright purple shade.

Trade price £2.51 per bottle

Mavala Fall Collection 13


Seche – Clever and Confident

Seche’s latest collection, Clever and Confident, includes six bright colours. Intuition is the only shimmery shade in the collection, a deep cherry pink which pink shimmer. The darkest colours are Clever and Confident, a dark, plum purple shade, and Wonderfully Witty, a deep royal blue. Versatile is a soft, muddy green and Silly But Sensible is a rusty orange shade. Happy, As Is is the brightest shade in the collection – a vibrant fuchsia pink.

Trade price £4.65 per bottle

Seche Fall 13 Collection Clever and Confident


Nubar – Wild West

Nubar’s Wild West collection includes eight colours – one metallic and six shimmers and a crème. The crème finish is Spirit Walker, an off-white shade, and Hi Ho Silver is a metallic, frosty silver. The rest of the polishes are shimmers, Paint Pony is a caramel brown shade with a red/pink shimmer and Go Native is a burnt orange. Never Take off the Mask is a darker shade, an almost black brown with a coppery shimmer. There are also some brighter shades in the collection - Cactus is a green with a golden shimmer, Texas Sky is a royal blue, and Brothel is a red with a bright red shimmer.

Trade price £3.95 per bottle

Nubar Fall Collection 13 Wild West

SpaRitual – Dance

SpaRitual has three collections thisaAutumn, and the Dance collection is full of textured shimmers, all named after dances. Jazz is a black with silver shimmer, and Charleston is a bright silver. There are also paler shades, like Ballet (a beige shimmer) and Cha Cha Cha (a lilac). The two brighter shades are Flamenco, a bright berry pink, and Tango, a burnt orange shade.

Trade price £5.00 per bottle or £67.50 for the 18 piece set

SpaRital Fall Collection 13 Dance

SpaRitual – Share

SpaRitaul’s Share collection includes six shades – three crèmes and three shimmers. The collection is inspired by comforts of home, family and friends. Conversation is a rusty orange shimmer, Reminisce is a beige/nude shimmer and Comfort is a light olive green shimmer. The range also has two darker shades – Midnight Stroll is a deep blue crème and From the Heart is a deep red crème. The last crème shade is the nude Uncomplicated.

Trade price £5.00 per bottle or £67.50 for the 18 piece set

SpaRitual Fall Collection 13 Share

SpaRitual – Odyssey

SpaRitual’s final collection this season, Odyssey, is an all-matte range. It includes a black (Determination), a deep blue (Loyalty), and a pale plum colour (Bravery). There are brighter options as well in the gold Courage, the pink nude Grace, and an orange copper, Gratitude. The collection was inspired by journeys in history, and the strong characters of history’s legends.

Trade price £5.00 per bottle or £67.50 for the 18 piece set

SpaRitual Fall Collection 13 Odyssey

Bio Sculpture Gel – Smoke & Mirrors

The Autumn nail collection by Bio Sculpture Gel includes 6 colours, designed to be rich and opulent. There is one crème shade, Blazing Lacquer, which is a bright pillar box red with a slight orange tone. There is also one glittery colour, Seductive Lights, a deep dark red with a light red glitter. The rest of the shades are shimmery; the paler colours are Gilded Reflection, a bright gold, and The Rebel, a rose gold metallic shade. The darkest shades in the collection are Metallic Sorcery, a bronze metallic shade, and Dark Illusions, a deep chocolate brown with a lighter brown shimmer.

Trade price £16.50 per 4.5g bottle 

BioSculpture Gel Fall Collection 13 Swatches


The autumn collection of Nazila’s gel polishes includes five colours, a mix of bright and nudes. The nudes are Nude Beige, a pink toned beige, and Cappucino, a soft taupe brown. The brightest colour in the collection is Massi - a bright, almost neon, reddy orange. There is also an oxblood red in Deep Red which is a staple colour for the colder months, and a medium blue/purple in Dolphin Dreams.

Trade price is £17.99 per bottle

Nazila Autumn Collection 13

CND – Forbidden

‘The new collection was inspired by CND’s top seasonal nail trend – Forbidden, a dark, dangerous, edgy look that encourages women to embrace their inner femme fatal,’ says CND co-founder Jan Arnold. The collection consists of six Shellac shades. New Vinylux gel polishes are also being released in matching colours to the Shellac ones, and can be sold individually as well as in a set. The lightest of the shades is Steel Gaze, a metallic pewter shade. Tinted Love is a deep oxblood shade, and Burnt Romance is a dark, burnt red/orange. There is a black shade in Dark Dahlia and a shimmery dark grey in Night Glimmer, along with Blue Rapture – a teal blue.

Trade price £3.95 per bottle for Vinylux and £13.45 per bottle for Shellac

CND Shellac Fall Collection 13