Two-fifths of UK women use online make-up tutorials, study says

More than 40% of UK women are using online video tutorials for help with their make-up and stay on top of latest trends, according to new research.

A study carried out by money saving website polled 1,992 women aged 18 or over, and found that 41% use online video channels such as Youtube for tips in applying make-up.

Of those 41%, some 61% said they watched beauty tutorial videos regularly, and 64% said they did it to find out about the latest trends. What’s more, 38% said they would definitely consider buying the products featured in the video.

Smokey eyes were the most popular look that respondents searched for help with, followed by contouring, highlighting, fancy dress make-up and brow pencilling.’s Matthew Wood said that online tutorials are a great way for consumers to learn something new, and they’re the next best thing to learning from as expert in the flesh.

“However, you need to bear in mind the quality of the person doing the teaching. Whilst some videos are certainly good to follow, if you end up following the lead of a complete fraud you might end up with fancy dress-esque make-up whether you intended to or not.”