UK women spend £38,000 on make-up in a lifetime

Two thirds of women will stick to the make-up brands they like and will not budge, even to try a cheaper alternative.

New research carried out by discount shopping site indicates how much British women are prepared to spend on beauty. It found that on average women will spend some £38,400 on beauty products over a lifetime, equal to £640 per year.

The survey, which was carried out anonymously, also found that 60% of respondents agreed that although make-up is expensive, they wouldn’t stop buying beauty products. 

One respondent said, “I love spending money on make-up. Over the years I’ve become so interested in new make-up and beauty trends that I’d much rather spend money on cosmetics than on clothes or anything else.” 

Another explained that though make-up is expensive, the confidence that it gives her is worth the financial cost. “It is quite surprising when you tot up how much make-up actually costs, but not wearing it simply isn’t an option for me,” she said.