Webinar: How to retail home kits to salon clients during coronavirus

Published 20th Apr 2020 by PB Admin
Webinar: How to retail home kits to salon clients during coronavirus

For Professional Beauty’s Virtual Week, Eve Oxberry spoke with Martine Jarman, the founder and director of SkinGenius Clinic, over Instagram Live about keeping her skincare business running after the clinics have been shut.

Forced to close operations due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jarman quickly came up with the idea of distributing “home peeling treatments” for the clients who may be missing out on their services.

“I would ask them to send some photographs over of the skin and then email over a lifestyle consultation and medical questionnaire to check for any medical contraindications,” explained Jarman. 

“We would then set up a remote consultation, which can be done very simply through Skype or FaceTime, where we can talk about a treatment protocol we want to bring together as a skincare plan.” 

To ensure the client’s health and safety, this would be followed with frequent follow-ups and an initial patch test if necessary. “It’s just to make sure all areas are covered, but the treatments and ingredients we’re using are not too strong so it should be fine.”

The process would then follow these steps:

1. Preparation - exfoliating cleanser

2. Skin polish

3. Solution - either an enzyme or dermabrasion cream

4. Post treatment - sheet masks

The kit will also include consumer products such as a disposable headband and small fan brushes, with the step-by-step guide printed out and included with the products.

In terms of establishing something similar for your salon, Jarman recommends speaking to the brands you work with, many of whom will be switching priorities to support salons at the moment, and including further incentives within the pack.

“I thought, ‘let’s incorporate a voucher.’ Maybe offer a small discount on products or, for when doors are opened again, a discount on upcoming treatments that need to be cashed in within the first 30 days of re-opening.”

We then opened the floor to your questions, with some of the key answers listed below:

How would you market these home peeling treatment packs?

“Social media, definitely. If you’ve already got a database for your clients, send them all an email letting them know what you’re doing, and check whose appointments have had to be cancelled and give them a call. People are bored, so they’ll definitely want to be looking after their skin.”

How long do your virtual consultations last?

“Depending on the individual, and if they send a good photo and prior information, it shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes.”

Would you send samples of products you recommend?

“Absolutely. If it’s just sitting around in the clinic then why not, but be careful. When you’re charging, you need to look at the cost of the products and samples individually and make sure they are covered. I was looking at around the £40-£45 mark.”

Any tips on getting photos from clients for consultations?

“Make sure it’s the exact same distance each time, from a few different angles. Have their hair tied back in a band, maybe with a black t-shirt on, no make up, good lighting, and have someone else take the photo for them.”

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 20th Apr 2020

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