Women spend almost £48,000 on beauty before 40

Women spend an average of £47,385.80 on beauty and personal care before they reach 40, including £15,000 on treatments such as manicures and facials, according to a recent survey.

Money saving website Promotionalcodes.org.uk researched a focus group of women aged between 18 and 40, and found that on average the women spent £2,153.90 every year on products and treatments.

The research also found that the women spent more than three times as much on their face skincare products as on their body care products. For skincare, night cream was the product the women spent the most on at an average of £60 each year, followed by day cream at £50 and make-up remover at £36. Body moisturisers cost the women £20 each year.

Nails services were the most popular beauty treatments among the women, costing them on average £300 per year, while make-up products cost £356 per year, with women spending the most on foundation, mascara and eye liner.

One of the survey respondents commented, “I spend so much money on the likes of hair products and make-up, but I rarely take the time to tot it all up because I just consider them essentials.” However, she added that although she found the amount she was spending shocking, she would continue to buy the products.

Another respondent agreed, saying, “Using beauty products yourself or taking a trip to the salon always puts me in a good mood, so I’d never begrudge paying that amount of money. It’s totally worth it.”