Adler Spa Resorts launches medical programme

Italy-based Adler Spa Resorts group has announced the introduction of a medically focused new programme, Adler Med.

Adler Med is available at two of the group’s properties, Adler Balance in the Italian Dolomites and Adler Thermae in Tuscany, Italy. The programme is focus on five key elements: diagnosis, nutrition, treatments, inner balance and exercise.

Designed to offer guests’ a tailormade health solution, Adler Med begins with a consultation and full medical check-up, with tests performed by an in-house laboratory.

Based on the consultation and test results, a personalised plan is drawn up. Plans fall into one of five categories: detox; weight-loss and nutrition; stress management; prevention and functional orthopaedics; and thermal therapy.

The programme comprises an individual plan for nutrition and exercise, as well for treatments. The expertise of the Adler Med practitioners include holistic therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine.

Consequently, the programme sees alternative and complementary therapies fused with more traditional medical approaches. Any nutritional plan forming part of the programme will comply with the Adler Med Vital Cuisine philosophy.

In accordance with this, the ideal cuisine is a healthy diet that incorporates as many fresh and locally sourced ingredients as possible. The programme also includes spa treatments such as massages, body wraps and detoxing baths.

Additionally, guests on the Adler Med programme can take advantage of the many physical activities offered at the properties. These range from yoga, pilates and qi gong to Nordic walking, guided hiking and biking excursions.

Depending on the individual programme, Adler Med can also include elements such as guided breathing classes and posture therapy. 

The Adler Spa Resorts group also includes the Adler Mountain Lodge and the Hotel Adler Dolomiti, both in Italy.