Advance your beauty salon services with microneedling

The consumer demand for advanced services continues to increase. Research shows 30% more people are googling “microneedling” than “chemical peel” and three times more people are googling “RF microneedling” now versus two years ago. 

We need to respond to consumer demand and consider how we can introduce advanced service options on our treatment menus. One question many clients will ask after micro injury treatments though is how can they decrease the downtime and still achieve the results?  

Micro-injury treatments leverage the skin’s natural ability to heal, creating a controlled injury that activates skin’s inflammation and repair process to trigger the formation of new, healthy-looking skin. 

When performing an advanced treatment that leverages skin’s wound-healing process, it’s best practice to start with skin that has a healthy barrier so you’re not causing uncontrolled inflammation and overloading the skin’s healing system. 

In other words: the skin needs to be strong to efficiently work on healing the micro-injuries from advanced treatments, with pre-treatment and post-treatment care playing a crucial role.

Pro Restore is a revolutionary, professional recovery and firming concentrate created to harness the skin’s wound-healing process before, during, and after advanced treatments.  This groundbreaking product supports procedures such as microneedling, RF microneedling, fibroblast skin tightening, laser resurfacing, chemical peels and other micro injury treatments 

The science strategy for pro restore is to strengthen the skins barrier before the micro injury process which decreases damage for better superior recovery, whilst also helping to reduce client discomfort.

Pro restore is a unique product that is used both in the treatment room and at home for clients to achieve optimum skin recovery. 

In the treatment room Pro restore will:

Its unique actives can restore inflammation before it goes chronic giving more control and an improved client experience. 

Dermalogica’s clinical studies with microneedling at 1mm+ showed significant improvement in redness, luminosity and skin texture.

Post-microneedling treatment: decrease of redness

One hour post-microneedling at 1.25mm

The subject received one microneedling treatment all over face. On one side of the face, Pro Restore was applied Pre, during and post microneedling. On the other side of the  face, a control conventional hyaluronic acid serum for microneedling was used.

Improved luminosity. 7 days post microneedling at +1mm

Post-microneedling treatment: increase in luminosity

The results of the analysis indicated a significant decrease in skin dullness from baseline for both sides for every measurement. Representative split face pictures at seven days post treatment. Side A (Pro Restore) shows more improvements in luminosity in seven-day measurement

If you want to take your microinjury treatments to a new level with Dermalogica’s pro restore then enquire now via

This is a sponsored story in association with Dermalogica.