The best active ingredients to enhance advanced skin treatments

Pro Restore is designed to work with advanced skin treatments including microneedling, RF microneedling, laser resurfacing, fibroblast skin tightening and chemical peels. 

This new concentrate from Dermalogica prepares the skin’s barrier, restores its condition, helps increase the appearance of firmness and brightens skin. 

Pro Restore contains a complex of active ingredients designed to work with micro-injury skin treatments and offers multiple benefits.

  1. Strengthens and prepares skin’s barrier for micro-injury 

When performing an advanced treatment that leverages the skin’s wound-healing process, it’s best practice to start with skin that has a healthy barrier so you’re not causing uncontrolled inflammation and overloading the skin’s healing system. 

In other words: the skin needs to be strong to efficiently work on healing the micro-injuries from advanced treatments, with pre-treatment and post-treatment care playing a crucial role.

Pro Restore includes the following ingredients that strengthen skin’s barrier in preparation for service.

  1. Intervenes in micro-injury recovery for optimal healing and tissue regeneration

Micro-injury treatments such as microneedling open micro-channels that allow serum and actives to easily penetrate the skin. These micro-injuries stimulate collagen production, and ultimately enhance skin’s appearance. Micro-injuries can also cause inflammation, an unbalanced microbiome, and a compromised skin barrier.

Pro Restore includes ingredients that resolve inflammation and balance the skin's microbiome.

  1. Amplifying treatment results

Post treatment homecare can dramatically impact treatment outcomes. Pro Restore can be used pre, during and post service (depending on the type of treatment being performed) to amplify results, with the client taking this professional product home as part of their homecare programme. 

Pro Restore includes ingredients that support skin recovery and target wrinkle reduction and skin brightening.

Clinical study results with Pro Restore used during micro-injury treatments

Post-microneedling treatment, showing decrease of side effects

The subject received one microneedling treatment all over the face. On one side of the face, Pro Restore was applied pre, during and post microneedling. On the other side of the face, a control conventional hyaluronic acid serum for microneedling was used.

Find out more about Pro Restore Serum here. This is a sponsored story in association with Dermalogica.