Alan Howard is proud to be the new UK distributor of luxury skincare brand Payot

This prestigious cosmetic range was born in the heart of Paris in 1920, as the brainchild of Nadia Payot.

One of the first ever female doctors in France, Nadia Payot was a forerunner for the women’s rights movement. After being inspired by prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, Nadia Payot went on to develop the patented 42-Movement Massage, a technique still used today to preserve the skin’s beauty and youth.

Fast forward to present day where Payot has become an iconic brand trusted by professionals everywhere. Occupying almost 70 countries and 7500 points of sales, this ubiquitous name can be found everywhere from beauty spas to pharmacies.

But what makes Payot so unique? Is it the long standing history? The commitment to preserving youthful, healthy skin? Or the intensive medical research used to develop each product?  It’s all this and more.