Anti-ageing fastest growing segment of beauty devices market

The beauty devices market in Europe grew at a double-digit rate in 2015, helped by apps that educate consumers on correct usage. A Kline report found that “ultra-specialised” and hair regrowth devices, of which new rafts entered the beauty devices market last year, drove growth by 18%. Growth was strongest in Eastern Europe and some western markets, including the UK.

Another area of new product development was multifunctional devices that combine more than one technology, such as the Silk’n Infinity, which uses galvanic and pulse light together for hair removal. Other consumer brands like BaByliss and Lumea developed apps for customers to use alongside their devices to help them learn correct usage.

Facial cleansing brushes stepped up a notch by adopting the dual-technology approach – devices like Beurer’s Pureo Deep Clear Facial Cleansing Brush vibrates, pulsates and uses blue LED light to help clear spot-causing bacteria. The fastest growing segment in the market overall was anti-ageing devices, driven by products focused on delivering targeted results like firming or lifting.

The emerging popularity of hair regrowth devices created a new segment of coverage in the report. Laser-powered devices such as HairMax have been on the market in Europe since 2002, but the segment has benefited from recent marketing buzz attesting to the efficacy of the devices, found Kline. “This category grows at a dramatic rate in 2015, driven by improved technology, new devices, and continuously high needs from consumers for hair regrowth products. In 2015, HairMax introduces three new products into the market, including the brand’s first-ever, hands-free device: the HairMax Laserband 82,” said Ewa Grigar, who led the report.

IMAGE: L'oréal Clarisonic