Are beauty therapists about to be replaced by robots?

Published 29th Mar 2019 by PB Admin
Are beauty therapists about to be replaced by robots?

Is the beauty industry about to experience a technological makeover? A new “Fitbit for skin” that tells beauty customers which product to use and when is about to make its international debut and it’s causing waves in the industry.

The CutiTron prototype, which will be unveiled at In-Cosmetics Global trade show in Paris on April 2, analyses a customer’s skin and then tells them exactly what products they need and how much to apply – advice usually prescribed to clients by their beauty therapist. 

“Our CutiTron technology is like a Fitbit for the skin – it opens the door to personalised skincare for brands and their customers,” Dr David Heath, founder and chief executive at Cutitronics, told Insider

The device also analyses the hydration of a customer’s skin and can draw on a wide range of external information, such as their location, the outside temperature and humidity in the air, and adapt its advice based on that data. 

“The system is tailored to what their skin needs depending on whether they’re at home, travelling for work or lying on the beach on holiday,” added Heath. 


The technology is tapping into the customisation trend dominating the industry and can be tailored for different brands. 

“As well as dispensing the brand’s products to their customers, our technology can also gather information that the customer can choose to send back to the company. That data can be invaluable to help brands improve their formulations or learn more about their customers’ skincare routines,” explained Heath. 

What do you make of the tech – a must-have or just a fad? Leave your comment below. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 29th Mar 2019

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