Treatment review: Ashmira Botanica Brazilian wax

The lowdown:

Ashmira Botanica launched at Professional Beauty London in February with its shimmering purple waxes and skincare-inspired pre- and post-wax care. It was developed to protect, nourish and repair skin, putting the focus on making waxing as comfortable and enjoyable for the client as possible.

The experience:

I have no issue being the team guinea pig for the slightly more personal beauty treatments. I’m also a big waxing fan, so it made sense that I’d be the one to book myself in to experience Ashmira Botanica’s intimate wax. I had my Brazilian at Mayfair Aesthetics & Beauty in London with experienced therapist Edyta Kokoszka.

I used the cucumber-scented Cleansing Wipe that was sitting ready for me on the couch before Kokoszka prepped the area with Refreshing Skin Cleanser – a gentle, cooling milk. She then got to work with the Mulberry Peelable Strip Wax.

This is one of two waxes in the range and the option best suited to intimate areas. There was none of the painfully frustrating picking I’d experienced with peelable wax in the past. Instead, Kokoszka was able to effortlessly swipe off the whole section of wax soon after smoothing it on with an even consistency.

While an intimate wax can never be painless, this was probably the calmest I’ve ever been while getting stripped of my pubic hair. After 20 minutes, Kokoszka had finished with the wax and removed a final few hairs using tweezers (while she gave me a light telling off for shaving), then gave the area a good spritz of Nourishing Body Oil to remove any residue.

Finally, she swiped over Comfort Balm – a fragrance-free product enriched with shea butter, panthenol, aloe vera and allantoin – using a cotton pad, which was really soothing.

Business benefits:

Though you’ll never be able to market waxing as a relaxing treatment, you can promote Ashmira Botanica’s efforts to make it as comfortable and healthy for the skin as possible.

The products are delicately scented with either cucumber or mandarin and basil (except the Comfort Balm) and serve to ramp up the appeal of the treatment to nervous first-timers and long-time waxing clients alike.

The products are also available to retail, and training includes a big emphasis on clients continuing with aftercare, offering an extra revenue source.

Tried by Georgia Seago

Image: Shutterstock/not real life image of this treatment 

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