3 ways to authentically add aromatherapy to your salon experience

Published 22nd Jan 2020 by PB Admin
3 ways to authentically add aromatherapy to your salon experience

Aromatherapy is one of the most versatile additions you can make to your treatment menu. Apart from giving sensory gratification, essential oils offer highly therapeutic benefits and have the ability to create positive changes for clients – both physically and mentally. 

The all-round actions of aromatherapy mean it can be incorporated into any kind of salon or spa treatment; essential oils can be used in a variety of ways, from simple diffusion right through to blending specifically for clients’ needs. 

Matt Taylor, education manager for Eve Taylor, reveals how you can add aromatherapy authentically to your salon or spa treatment menu.

1. Focus on how aromatherapy can treat modern-day concerns 

Eve Taylor Anti-Stress Pre-Blended Body Massage Oil

Aromatherapy-based massage oils, such as Anti-Stress Body Massage Oil from Eve Taylor London, can be used to treat clients’ modern-day concerns, such as poor-quality sleep, stress and anxiety. For example, relaxing and de-stressing blends can be selected for those suffering with tension; detoxifying for clients who want to clear their body and mind; and invigorating/energising for those struggling with fatigue. 

These essential oils are expertly blended so therapists can select the appropriate formulation without the need for aromatherapy training.Promote the emotional benefits of aromatherapy treatments too – i.e. how they bring balance and feelings of good health, while also drawing upon research into how aromatherapy improves the skin.

Eve Taylor has six ready to use essential oil blends in its range.

2. Add an aromatherapy twist to existing treatments

Eve Taylor Body Massage and Bath Blend

For salons not sure of how aromatherapy will be received by their clients, why not introduce it gradually? So, rather than creating a traditional aromatherapy massage, you could switch up one of your existing treatments with an aromatherapy twist – i.e. Swedish body massage with essential oils. 

Clients will book it as it’s a treatment they know but with an exciting new element, so for the unadventurous it won’t take them too far out of their comfort zone. A selection of blends could be retailed post-treatment too, helping to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. 

Wellbeing Massage & Bath Blend can be used at home for home massage or dispersed into hot bath water allowing you to immerse yourself in aromatherapy bliss and a feeling of wellbeing.

3. Why not start with gentler hydrolats? 

Eve Taylor Orange Hydrolat

You could incorporate aromatherapy into your existing treatment range by introducing Hydrolats instead of essential oils. Water-based and created as the by-product of essential oil distillation using steam, these versatile aromatic additions can be used throughout a wide selection of treatments. 

Hydrolats can be spritzed into the air like a natural air freshener or onto towelling and bedding to offer aromatic benefits, as well as added into rinse water for sponges or mitts for product removal. They can also be added to cleansers or moisturisers to customise and enhance the product’s effects and benefits. Utilising the power of these water-based botanicals allows you to supercharge existing products without undermining their effects.

Eve Taylor Micro-fine Daily Exfoliant can be used in facials and customised with Hydrolat for a more specific effect. For example, Orange Hydrolat could be added for increased skin brightness and luminosity or Tea Tree Hydrolat could be added for those experiencing breakout-prone skin.

Eve Taylor London can benefit your business with natural and affordable aromatherapy skincare and body care. Complete our professional registration to receive your introductory pack and a selection of samples. The brand has opening orders to suit business models of all sizes.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 22nd Jan 2020

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