Revealed: 7 of the best wellness destinations for 2020

With wellness tourism set to become an $8 billion industry in 2020, online travel company Opodo has listed its top destinations for 2020. From fitness-focused escapes in the Atlas Mountains to surfing in the Canary Islands, here are the up-and-coming wellness locations to watch.

1. The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

The country’s Atlas mountain range stretches 2,500km through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and is fast becoming a popular hiking destination. Along with beachfront yoga classes and belly dancing, Morocco is ideal for fitness aficionados seeking an active wellness break. 

The North African destination is also home to the Marathon des Sables (Sand Marathon), which takes place in the Moroccan desert across six days every April. Hundreds of competitors from across the world compete in the event, testing their endurance and mental capabilities.  

2.Western Ghats, India

For those seeking a more restful break, a stress-relieving forest walk in this UNESCO World Heritage site will soothe both mind and body.  

Also known as Sahyadri (meaning “benevolent mountains”), this mountain range runs parallel to the West Indian coastline and offers spectacular greenery, fresh air and gentle breezes, making it the perfect stress-relieving destination.

3. Tenerife, Spain

With several golf courses on offer and surfing destinations dotted along the coastline, this Canary Island is a sport lover’s playground. 

However, for those also looking for rest and relaxation, Tenerife also offers stretches of white sandy beaches and eye-opening scenery with hillside houses and spectacular cliff faces.

4. Selangor, Malaysia

With locations including the waterfall of Sungai Chiling, monasteries and meditation, Malaysia offers travellers a place where they can calm their minds, soothe their souls and enjoy a restful break. 

Spa treatments in this area are inspired by traditional healing philosophies, allowing guests to unwind and heal during their stay.

5. Arizona, United States

Offering panoramic mountain views and activities like canyoning, rappelling and rock climbing, Arizona appeals to those seeking adventure.

From the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument and numerous mountain ranges, Arizona is a striking destination with an extraordinary landscape that combines energising outdoor recreation with pampering spa treatments to soothe sore muscles.

6. Langebaan, West Africa 

Also known as the 'jewel of the west coast', Langebaan’s lagoon offers a natural playground for water-sport fans with windy conditions, making it perfect location for kite surfing, windsurfing and kayaking.  

Meanwhile, ocean lovers can feel reinvigorated by Langebaan’s sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, making it a perfect break for those seeking peace. 

7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Middle East is a region that is growing in the wellness tourism realm. Boxing, surfing, ice baths, yoga and meditation are some of the popular sport and wellness offerings in Dubai. 

Additionally, many spas and resorts offer retreats with Western and Eastern practices that have been combined in treatment offerings. 

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