Plant-based eating among top 5 wellness trends for 2020

Published 04th Dec 2019 by PB Admin
Plant-based eating among top 5 wellness trends for 2020

Holistic training, boutique gyms and plant-based eating are among the wellness trends set to take 2020 by storm, according to research from fitness and wellbeing booking app MindBody.

“Mental and physical recovery methods such as meditation, water therapy and cryotherapy are all expected to remain popular throughout 2020 as people look to balance their busy lives and exercise regimes with proper rest and recovery,” said Richard Martinson, wellness specialist at MindBody. 

5 wellness trends predicted to be big in 2020:


1. Holistic training

The holistic approach to fitness training, taking into account your physical, mental and emotional health, is predicted to be big next year.

One in three UK men now join the gym to build muscle but continue to attend for the benefit of their mental health, discovered the report. Plus, more facilities have launched that are dedicated to transform the mindset and overall wellbeing of attendees.

2. Boutique fitness outside of the capital

Boutique studios that specialise in a particular type of fitness, such as yoga, functional training or high-intensity interval training, have been on the rise and will continue to be a big trend in 2020.

However, next year will see more of these intimate spaces opening outside of London. For example, according to MindBody’s latest usage data, 119,567 bookings were made each month at these spaces outside of the big city, with Manchester having the highest number of classes – more than 10,700 (up 3,000 from the start of the year). 

This was followed by Birmingham (8,706), Glasgow (5,900), Bristol (4,616) and Reading (3,987). Check out our piece on the rise of fitness residences in spas

3. On-demand fitness 

Home-based workouts will become more popular, claims the report, with the likes of Peloton, BoxVR and Flit allowing people to live-stream workouts from the comfort of their home. 

MindBody believe that gyms and studios will embrace technology in 2020 to increase their fitness footprint beyond their physical environment. 

4. Recovery 

Consumers now want to train smarter and maximise recovery days after tough fitness sessions. According to MindBody’s data, cryotherapy has had an 162% increase in bookings this year, as well as water therapy (107%), which are both methods of recovery that are not that widely accessible yet. 

Sleep, which is one of the most crucial forms of recovery, is expected to be in the spotlight next year, with some companies encouraging napping during the day to boost wellbeing.

5. Plant-based eating

Following Netflix’s latest film about plant-based eating The Game Changers, search interest for plant-based diets in the UK has increased by 465%, according to Google’s search data from September to November 2019. 

As a result, plant-based eating is expected to be a big wellness trend in 2020, with consumers opting for more vegetables with every meal instead. 

What do you make of these 2020 wellness trends? Comment below.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 04th Dec 2019

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