Quarter of Brits use holistic therapies to aid their mental health

More Brits are turning to holistic remedies to help manage their mental health than ever before, according to new research by Eos Scientific, one of the UK’s CBD retailers. 

24% of Britons are now managing their mental health with holistic remedies, with this figure rising to 35% when looking at just the millennial market (18–34), the study of 2,000 UK adults found. 

More than a third (38%) also said they would consider using CBD oil to manage their mental health, while 50% of millennials stated they would pick CBD oil over prescription meds. 

“The number of UK users of CBD oil has almost doubled in the past year, with many claiming the cannabis-based products are a more natural and easily accessible way to manage their mental health,” said Simon Manthorpe, chief executive of Eos Scientific.  

“While prescribed medicine will always be the recommendation of medical professionals, we are seeing increasing numbers of people turning to more alternative remedies, not just for their mental health but for any number of ailments.” 

Eos Scientific’s research revealed that 15 million Brits are concerned about seeking prescription medication for their mental health, worried that the medication may be either too strong, have negative side-effects or too general for their symptoms. 

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