Beauty industry leaders co-author new book "Beauty And The Best 2"

Some of the biggest names in the professional beauty industry have co-authored a brand new book, "Beauty And The Best 2", designed to support, inform and inspire fellow salon owners and professionals to enjoy a successful career.

What is ‘Beauty And The Best 2’ about? 

After the success of the bestseller "Beauty And The Best 1" released earlier this year, 22 established salon owners and industry leaders have documented their experiences, imparting wisdom and sharing the challenges they faced along the way as they have navigated their careers and businesses.

Edited by Susan Routledge and Andrew Priestley, contributors include: Susan Routledge, Justyna Rostek, Rachel Cobley, Suzanne Jennings, Karen T Jones, Josephine Bennett, Catherine Carter, Barbara Booth, Rachaelle Demicoli, May Gordon, Clare Porter, Michelle Stead, Sarah Virgo-Harris, Katrina Atkinson, Annorah MacKnocher, Anna McCarthy-Birch, Laura Bateman, Felicity Hoddinott, Kate Killeen, Stephanie Podmore, Fiona Mccall and Elizabeth McCarron, who all share their words of wisdom for success.

What can I learn from "Beauty And The Best 2"?

Written during the UK lockdown, the book covers a wide breadth of different areas that are essential to help readers excel within the industry, and includes tips and advice on:

Where can I buy ‘Beauty And The Best 2’?

Beauty And The Best 2 is available in paperback to download on Kindle from Amazon.

In other news, The Hair & Beauty Charity has launched a recipe book to help raise money for the struggling personal care sector, while consultant Jessica Crane has also launched a book ‘Salon Boss Mindset Mastery’to help beauty businesses succeed post-Covid-19.

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