Susan Routledge and 21 other salon owners launch book to inspire next generation of beauty pros

Consultant Susan Routledge has worked with 21 salon owners to create the Beauty & The Best book, which showcases the exciting careers and opportunities available to those who work in the beauty industry. 

The new book, which is going live on Amazon Kindle on January 21 but is available to pre-order now, sees 22 leaders (including Routledge) share their experiences, challenges and wisdom of working within the sector to help those who dream of being successful in beauty. 

The book includes stories from Routledge, Katt Philipps, Verity Davies, Azra Riaz, Joan Scott, Marta Zaczkowska, Sarah Hurst, Jill Yvette Painter, Sara Shoemark, Clare Reed, Susan Over, Maria Mason, Brenda Kingswood, Catherine Whelan, Sarah Atkinson, Susanne Webb, Stefania Rossi, Jane Barker, Dawn Stanley, Anita Stubbings, Sandra Fludgate and Lesley Blair. 

“It has been a fantastic, exciting but, very emotional, journey for all, with such amazing stories to inspire,” said Routledge.  

“This book contains no cherry-picked authors. Instead, it is filled with truly passionate beauty professionals who answered a call to inspire by giving an honest insight into their intimate business and life journeys, with gems of advice sprinkled in every story.”

She added: “As you read through these stories, the ‘can do’ and forward-thinking attitude of these open and honest salon leaders jumps out from every page, overcoming so many hurdles and never compromising their total professionalism, no matter what life and the economic climate throws at us.

“I feel totally privileged to be the instigator able to bring together this book, highlighting some of the amazing opportunities that this great industry has to offer by showcasing the highs, lows and fantastic stories behind amazing industry leaders.” 

You can pre-order the book on Amazon Kindle now, with a pre-order price of 77p. Otherwise, the book is due to come out in paperback in early February. 

Huge congratulations to Routledge and all the salon owners involved in the book. 

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