Brow lamination the most popular beauty trend on TikTok

Brow laminationfox eye make-up and fake freckles are among the most searched for beauty trends on social media platform TikTok. 

“Laminated eyebrows” is the most popular beauty trend on the platform, with an average engagement per post at 95049.47674, a report by tanning brand Tanologist found. There are 1,655 videos of brow lamination on the  site, with the collective views of these equalling 157,306,884. 

“Blemish stickers” is the beauty treatment that has fallen most out of favour with users, with the average engagement per post at only 1,236, discovered the data. There are only six videos of the trend, which have a collective view figure of just 7,416. 

Despite a variance in engagement levels, fox eye make-up is also a popular beauty look on the platform, which isn't surprising as it was one of the most searched for trends of 2020.

Other popular beauty trends on TikTok include fake freckles, nose contouring, pore strips and DIY face masks, the report found.  

TikTok's most popular beauty trends:

TikTok beauty trends list

Beauty trends on TikTok with the highest rate of engagement: 

Row labels

 Sum of total

 Sum of number of videos

 Avg engagement per post

Laminated eyebrows




Pore strips




Nose contouring




Beauty trends on TikTok with the lowest rate of engagement: 

Row labels

Sum of total

Sum of number of videos

Avg engagement per post

Colour correcting




Coconut oil for skin




Blemish stickers




This data complements social media Platform Pinterest’s recent report on 2021 trends, which revealed that bold, defiant brows will take centre stage, stating, “nothing is too out-of-the-brow this year”. 

What do you make of the most popular beauty trends on TikTok? Tell us your thoughts below.  

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