Online searches for "self-care" soar 250% during Covid-19

Published 11th Jan 2021 by PB Admin
Online searches for "self-care" soar 250% during Covid-19

The self-care trend has gained in momentum during the coronavirus pandemic, with Google searches for “self-care routine” up 250% since the first lockdown in March 2020 – reaching their highest levels since 2004. 

Among the wellness trends growing in popularity during Covid-19, found by natural health remedies retailer The Drug Store, improving skin quality, boosting immunity and ways to aid mental health were among the most searched for terms, the report found. 

There was a 2,600% increase in searches for “How does vitamin C help your body” in 2020, which is no surprise as it has immune-boosting properties, as well as a 140% rise in searches for hyperpigmentation, during the same time period, which the vitamin is also known to help reduce the appearance of, the report found. 

As people seek out for tools and resources to aid their mental health during the pandemic, searches for “CBD drops for anxiety” increased by 2,750% in 2020, while The Drug Store has also recorded a 200% rise in CBD product sales year-on-year. 

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Searches for the term “anxiety” also reached their highest levels in 16 years on Google, with a considerable spike coinciding with the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions imposed on the UK in March. 

Biotin has also become a buzzword in the beauty industry over the past 12 months, with Google searches for “What is biotin good for” increasing by 300% since January 2020, with a significant surge in searches for “biotin tablets for hair”, which are up by 200% in the same time period. 

Other vitamins and products the retailer believes will be in high demand in 2021 include vitamin E – searches for “what does vitamin E do for your skin” shot up by 150% last year; probiotics – searches for “what are probiotics” were up 130% in 2020 and searches for “kombucha” up 180%; and adaptogenic mushrooms. 

“The wellness industry grew exponentially in 2020, with many people investing in new ways to feel good during the pandemic. In 2021, the challenge will be carrying on these new, good habits,” said Charles Instone, chief marketing officer of The Drug Store. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 11th Jan 2021

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