Brits forecasted to spend £31bn on beauty treatments in 2021

According to new research, UK consumers are planning to spend an incredible £31 billion on beauty treatments in 2021 so they look good on video calls, with 40% of people viewing coronavirus lockdown as a good opportunity to enhance their appearance while not in the office, revealed research by teeth alignment brand Smile Direct Club.

The average person is set to spend around £1,515 on beauty treatments in 2021, the report suggests, with just under half (47%) of those surveyed saying they want to invest in weight loss and keeping fit this year. Other popular treatments include teeth whitening (47%), teeth aligner therapy (26%) and anti-ageing treatments (22%), the report found.

Men are more concerned about improving their looks for screen time on Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams compared to women, with 15% men wanting to look better on video calls than 7% of women, the data discovered.

When it comes to social media, 14% men want to look better on Instagram, Facebook, etc, than 9% of women, with the key reasons for a transformation being “confidence building” (45%), “to help build self-esteem” (45%) and “wanting to try something new” (24%).

When it comes to invasive treatments, breast enlargements are on consumers’ minds (11%), as well as hair transplants (11%), liposuction (10%), nose reshaping (8%) and lip fillers (8%). Did you know that 50% of women have aesthetic treatments without understanding what they are?

8 treatments that will be popular in 2021:

  1. Weight loss/keeping fit (47%)
  2. Teeth whitening (47%)
  3. Teeth alignment (26%)
  4. Anti-ageing treatment (22%)
  5. Breast enlargement (11%)
  6. Hair transplant (11%)
  7. Liposuction (10%)
  8. Nose job/reshaping (8%)

Meanwhile, the self-care movement has also gained in momentum during Covid-19 lockdown, with Google searches for “self-care routine” up to 250%.

This research was collected by 4Media in October 2020 on behalf of Smile Direct Club, with 2,000 respondents over the age of 18 across the UK.

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