Fox eye make-up, lash lifts and face rollers among most searched beauty trends

Published 06th Jan 2021 by PB Admin
Fox eye make-up, lash lifts and face rollers among most searched beauty trends

Fox eye make-up, face rollers, lash lifts and DIY face masks were some of the most searched for beauty trends in 2020 and are expected to continue to soar in popularity this year, found data by tanning brand Tanologist.  

“Fox eye make-up” was the most popular beauty trend last year, with an incredible 319% increase in search interest in 2020 compared to 2019, the report found. Face steaming was the second most popular beauty trend, with search interest increasing by 192%, DIY face masks third with an 186% increase and face rollers fourth with 104%.

Search interest in eyebrow shaving also increased by 103%, while searches for henna freckles, lash lifts and blackhead vacuums all soared by 100%, the report found. Double cleansing also experienced a 57% rise in search interest, while colour correcting rose by 20%.

Top 10 most searched for beauty trends in 2020:

  1. Fox eye make-up (search interest increasing 319%)
  2. Face steaming (+192%)
  3. DIY face mask (+186%)
  4. Face rollers (+104%)
  5. Shaving eyebrows (+103%)
  6. Henna freckles (+100%)
  7. Lash lifts (+100%)
  8. Blackhead vacuum (+100%)
  9. Double cleansing (+57%)
  10. Sock curls (+23%)

The report also revealed the beauty trends that have fallen out of favour, with searches for the Kylie Jenner lip challenge dropping 76% as women embraced the natural look, the data revealed.

Searches for nose contouring also dropped by 64% and eyebrow stencil searches decreased by 40%. Meanwhile, searches for pore strips and coconut oil for the skin also decreased, both dropping by 20%, the report found.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 06th Jan 2021

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