60% of women are ditching make-up and embracing the natural look

Almost 60% of women are ditching make-up and embracing the natural look, found a study conducted by skincare device brand, Foreo. The coronavirus pandemic was to blame, with women stating fewer social events and less face-to-face contact as the primary factor for this change.

The report suggested that skin and mental wellbeing is becoming women’s biggest priorities. One in four chose to buy less make-up and more skincare products since the first lockdown, and 59% of women claimed to seek beauty routines that benefit their mental health as well as their skin.

As a result, 60% of women choose beauty products based on how it makes them feel and a third seek a more immersive experience when using skincare to relax and unwind.

However, a third of women believe their daily skincare routines are more complicated now than they were a decade ago. Almost one in five have even become overwhelmed by the amount of cosmetics they have and 42% of women want to cut down on the products they use.

Meanwhile, women also stated they would like to have more skincare knowledge. 64% of women would like to be more “confident” in their ability to look after their skin, while 47% of women were reluctant to purchase a mask to use at-home because they didn’t know which ones were best for their skin type.

The study, carried out by Foreo via OnePoll, asked 2,000 women about their new beauty habits since lockdown. “2020 has caused a dramatic shift in women’s feelings about make-up and their appearance.Previously, women would have large make-up collections, used daily to boost their appearance,” a spokesperson for Foreo said.

“Now there is a desire to look after the skin, leaving women feeling more confident about how they look without the need for make-up heavy routines.”

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