50% of women have aesthetic treatments without understanding what they are

More than half of women have aesthetic treatments without understanding what is being done to their skin, or even the risks involved with these services, found a report by digital consultation platform Être Vous.

50% of women said they are unaware of how these treatments work, while nearly 70% stated they would like to speak to a doctor for advice on an aesthetic treatment.

Meanwhile, more than 60% of people said they would be more likely to book an aesthetic-based service if they had a better understanding of what their options were, found the data.  

The report suggested that this lack of awareness could be preventing salons and clinics from gaining new clients. However, customers feeling like they have to spend a lot is another discouraging factor, with more than half worried about being pressured to spend money if they were to visit a salon or clinic.

50% of people also said they would a prefer digital consultation to discuss their aesthetic treatment options and this could be a result of the increase in online communications throughout the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen many beauty businesses move to virtual one-to-one’s and treatments.

More than 65% of people would also make an appointment online if booking platforms and practitioners were more regulated, the also report found.

While male clients’ interest in aesthetic “tweakments” is on the rise, almost half said they feel uncomfortable visiting an aesthetic clinic in-person for advice. By contrast, more than 60% said they were interested in receiving online aesthetic advice, illustrating the benefits of a digital consultation.

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