Choosing the right CBD skincare brand to use in your spa

With the global CBD skincare market booming, now is the ideal time to work the anti-inflammatory ingredient into your spa treatment menu, but with so much choice, how do you pick the right brand to partner with? 

I spent a lot of time looking for a company to collaborate with at The Spa at Blythswood Square in Glasgow because I didn't want to simply add CBD to our existing product range, or ask guests to ingest tincture prior to a treatment and label it as a CBD treatment or spa day. I wanted to create something authentic. 

How can I find a reputable CBD beauty brand to partner with?

Before choosing a brand to collaborate with you need to research the sector because there are so many different brands of CBD on the market and they are of various quality – for example, strength for oral tincture really has to start at 5% (500mg in a 10ml bottle) as anything below that will not carry enough CBD to have any real benefit. 

The range you carry should be organic, based in hemp or MCT oil, and be grown from European certified seeds. Extraction methods also deem what is premium or not on the CBD market. For topical application, 1% CBD content or more is strong, much lower than this and it won’t be bioavailable to have any therapeutic effect. We use a 1% homecare range, which is strong and sustainable, and a super-boosted and potent 5% (1,500mg of CBD) professional range.

You also want a laboratory-grade CBD oil from a company that has independent testing done on their products. As yet, CBD oil is still undergoing a lot of testing to ascertain its benefits so it’s currently considered a supplement.  

When meeting with CBD-infused skincare brands, ask these key questions:

In the end, we partnered with Hashtag Organics which have a CBD-infused skincare range La Rue Verte – the only Cibtac-accredited CBD product house in the industry. Hashtag Organics provide an organic laboratory-grade range of CBD oil with three years’ experience, so they seemed an excellent partner choice. 

What can and can’t you say about CBD skincare?

Your spa team must be aware of the advice they are giving to clients on the benefits of using CBD products because they can’t make claims of any medical benefits as that is still being researched. 

For your therapists to feel truly comfortable talking about CBD then they needed to master the treatment protocols as well as further their understanding of the endocannabinoid system. This will allow them to best communicate to the client how CBD biologically works and it also gives your team a method of conversing the benefits of the ingredient without making medical claims. 

However, you can say the ingredient can help the skin because it is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-ageing. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system, the body’s innate balancing mechanism, whichis made up of a series of receptors sited throughout the brain and central nervous system. It is responsible for regulating mood, sleep, pain, inflammation, appetite, memory and fertility. 

These receptors are called CB1 and CB2. However,we also have CB1 and CB2 receptors sited throughout the epidermis. CBD acts on these receptors to effect the immune cells for inflammation, acting on sensory nerves to inhibit the sensation of itch (the most common diagnosed symptom in dermatology practice),interns of an antioxidant on the skin. 

CBD provides the missing particle for a free radical to bond with, stopping it going on to cause DNA damage.We know Inflammation and oxidative stress go hand in hand with ageing so this offers a layered approach to all. 

CBD treatments fit well in the wellness market place so we have had great success with creating full experiences cantered round the treatments, including thermal journeys, guided meditation and CBD post-treatment beverages.

Finlay AndersonFinlay Anderson is IHG area spa and leisure director for UK, Spa at Kimpton Blythswood Square, which offers a range of CBD treatments.