Beauty business owners: managing your mental health during coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the uncertainty of what lies ahead can take its toll on your mental health – especially with the overwhelming amount of information landing daily about the illness. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to look after your mental wellbeing, as well as sending your beauty therapist team access to online tools that can help them manage stress, anxiety and fear, especially if they already have underlying mental health issues.  

In aid of World Mental Health Day (October 10), here are 8 resources to help beauty business owners stay mentally healthy:

1. World Health Organization resources

The World Health Organization is championing good mental health for all this World Mental Health Day (October 10) with an array of resources and activities that provide help for those struggling.

As well as guides on how to manage stress and look after your mental health, the organisation also has vital information on depression, suicide, anxiety and fear, and who to turn to for support. 

The organisation says, "in cases if mental distress, the first step is to talk to someone you trust." 

2. Mind’s mental health checklist

Mental health charity Mind has a suite of free tools available to boost your wellbeing during this time of duress. It is also advising those struggling with their mental health minimise the number of news alerts they get or limit their daily screen time if the stories are making you feel anxious or confused. 

Although it’s important to stay connected with events, the charity advises getting your news and health information from trusted sources, such as the NHS and Gov UK. It may also be worth cutting down your social media use to avoid being spammed with fake news, which can heighten anxiety.  

3. Low Ears Helpline 

The Potting Shed Spa's Sam Pearce has a free mental health service, called Low Ears, for salon owners who are struggling with their mental health during this time of uncertainty.

The Low Ears Help campaign aims to support beauty business owners during this crisis, providing access to ambassadors who are all mental health and first aid trained. There is a triage system that allows inquiries to be triaged to the right person for help, whether that’s for talking therapy, mindful therapy or virtual access to councillors.  

“This is a safe, non-biased and non-judgemental space,” Pearce exclusively told Professional Beauty. “Sometimes just having someone to talk to in complete confidence can bring peace of mind and clarity.

“This situation can be overwhelming and confusing, so my aim is to offer you a wealth of knowledge and mental health support, as well as safeguarding our industry.” To access the free service, contact 

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, The Low Ears Group is launching its five-piece Black Dog Remedies range. The collection includes Underdog, for those suffering with low self-esteem; Moody *itch to help with hormonal challenges; Dog Tired for burnout; Paws for Thought to help boost clarity and composure; and Rescue for overall wellbeing. 

The group is also offering training for this so that salon and spa owners have the option of offering these products within your existing treatment offering. 

4. Meditation tools

Wellness app Calm has curated content to help stressed-out and anxious business owners boost their mental and emotional wellness. The tools include soothing meditations, sleep meditations, sleep stories, calm music, and visualisation and breathing exercises. 

“Without a doubt, many of us are feeling anxious as we navigate the uncertainty of Covid-19. We’re feeling it too, and we wanted to share some of the tools we’re using to take care of our minds and stay grounded,” the brand said on its website.  

Access Calm’s wellness resources

Colleagues holding hands

5. GWI Positively Well

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) launched its Positively Well campaign earlier this year to encourage members of the beauty and spa industries to “replace fear with a focus on wellness”. 

This is a space where you can find articles on how being positive can lead to better health outcomes, as well as trusted resources on what’s going on. There’s also tons of advice available on reducing stress and boosting your immune system. 

6. Mental wellbeing audio guides

The NHS has an array of mental wellbeing audio guides to help boost your mood during this tough time. You can listen to them privately or play them out loud in your household to help your family manage their anxiety.

The guides, which each range between six and 10 minutes, cover anxiety control training, sleep problems, unhelpful thinking and how to tackle low mood, sadness and depression. It’s definitely worth adding one of these into your daily ritual. 

7. Virtual therapy apps

There are an array of affordable virtual therapy apps available online that enable you to chat with professional counsellors virtually. TalkSpace is one such app and it’s delivering Covid-19 Anxiety Management Program, where you can talk to a therapist about your concerns during the pandemic. Find out more about TalkSpace

Vulnerable people can also access free online emotional support during self-isolation via The Help Hub. You can book a 15-to-20-minute session guided by a qualified therapist, who will give support to deal with the knock-on effects of anxiety and loneliness during social distancing.  

8. Salonology The Pursuit of Positivity routine 

Beauty coaching brand Salonology has created a six-step The Pursuit of Positivity routine to help you deal with what’s happening day by day. The six principles of this are:

Are there any mental health tools and techniques that you’re using? Please share them by commenting below. 


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