Beauty Industry Organisations Group forms to promote the industry

Following the formation of an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for beauty, aesthetics and wellness in May, a new group of representatives from key industry organisations has been formed. 

The National Beauty Federation (NBF), Babtac, The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW,) the Cosmetics, Toiletries and Perfumery Association (CTPA), Habia and the UK Spa Association (UKSA) have joined together to form the Beauty Industry Organisations Group. 

The group met earlier this month to discuss issues facing the industry and develop an action plan to tackle them, aided by the APPG, which will represent the group in government. 

Key objectives for the Beauty Industry Organisations Group include promoting the industry as a route into flexible careers, ensuring there are clear pathways and progression routes to level 7 for beauty therapists and to promote consumer safety. 

A particular focus will be on ensuring therapists understand the potential risks of non-surgical treatments and only perform treatments they are adequately trained to do. 

This is echoed by the group’s support of the Royal Society for Public Health's calls to ban injectables for those under 18. 

The group said its first step is to conduct wide-reaching research on the aesthetics market to support the work of the APPG. 

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