Revealed: nail techs rank clients' worst habits

Making sure clients get the best results from their appointment is your top priority, which is why it's annoying when customers damage their nails. 

From turning up to their next appointment with a self-inflicted disaster to completely ignoring your aftercare advice, sometimes clients can really get on your nerves – and that’s ok. 

In Professional Beauty’s June 2019 Insider Survey, we asked UK nail techs what’s the one thing they wished their clients would stop doing, with more than half (55%) wishing customers would stop damaging their nails by picking at their gel-polish. 

Here are the top six things you wish your clients would stop doing, according to PB’s exclusive Insider survey:

1. Picking off their gel-polish 

This is your biggest niggle. Clients need to understand that the gel is bonded to the keratin in their nails so improper removal will weaken the natural nail. 


2. Doing housework without gloves on

You spend all that time delivering the perfect manicure just to see it ruined by Fairy Liquid. The better shape clients keep their hands in the longer they’ll see results for. 


3. Biting their nails

This is such a common no-no yet customers keep doing it and then wonder why their nails aren’t healthy. Hmm.


 4. Cutting their cuticles 

Again, this just creates more work in the treatment. Some things should be left to the professionals. 



5. Coming in sick

I may be wearing a mask but it doesn’t mean you can come in and sneeze everywhere. Rest up and come in when you’re better. 


6. Applying hand cream just before they come in

Why? This just makes the process a whole lot more challenging. 


Do you agree with the list above? Leave a comment with your top niggle. 

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