Nail techs confess: 7 annoying things clients have said during treatment

We all know that the customer is king but sometimes their demands can leave you a little lost for words, with many nail techs saying they’ve suffered an annoying comment during treatment.  

There are many phrases you don’t want to hear from clients but the one that really grinds your gears is, “It’s cheaper at the salon down the street” – receiving 28% of the vote in Professional Beauty’s May 2019 Insider Survey. 

Here are the 7 most annoying things clients have said to you during a manicure or pedicure treatment, according to PB’s exclusive survey:

 1. “It’s cheaper at the salon down the street”

That’s all well and good but you won’t get the same level of customer service and treatment. Our prices reflect our skills and talent. Here’s how to compete with non-standard salons without discounting your services


2. “Can you go a bit quicker? I need to be out of here ASAP"

The treatment has been booked for a certain amount of time for a reason. We’re not miracle workers. 


3. “You don’t mind me eating or playing on my phone, do you?”

There’s nothing we enjoy more than sitting in silence or having to awkwardly work around your texting/eating. If anything we embrace the challenge… not!Don’t miss our super helpful gel-polish troubleshooting guide.  


4. Can you paint my kids’ nails for free while they wait for me?”

Our nail techs are professionally trained staff who keep the business afloat. None of this would be possible if we gave our treatments away for free. 


5. “I’m not sure about that colour now it’s finished”

Despite spending 15 minutes choosing the colour and pulling every polish down from the shelf, the client not liking her lacquer choice is somehow our fault. 


6. “Do you have anything to make this polish dry quicker?”

It’s called a quick dry top coat for a reason. Just be patient. 


7. “My daughter wants to come in for a treatment on the condition that you do not talk during it"

Err, excuse me? There are no words for this one. 


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What’s the most annoying thing a client has said to you during treatment? Leave a comment below.