Unflattering photos most common trigger for body shaping treatments

Seeing an unflattering photo of themselves is the top trigger that would prompt women to refine their body shape, according to a survey by SculpSure (Cynosure). 

The body-contouring device specialist asked 1,000 women in the UK what would influence them into refining their body shape.

While some 50% of those surveyed said that a bad photo would be the most likely thing to push them to act, the second most popular reason was getting back into clothes that no longer fit, which would encourage almost a third of those surveyed to tackle unwanted curves.

Meanwhile, shaping up after childbirth would be the incentive for 8% of women, while one in 20 surveyed (5%) said they would be triggered by a divorce or relationship break-up

However, the survey results would suggest that the nation is less influenced by Instagram feeds and unrealistic body shaped on reality TV than we might expect.

Just 4% said they would choose to tackle stubborn fat because their friends were also trying, and only 2% said they would be influenced by the bodies of celebrities or role models.

Body image has been in the headlines a lot in recent weeks, and was chosen as the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week in May, after research by the Mental Health Foundation showed that a third of UK adults feel anxious about their bodies, and a further one in eight experience suicidal thoughts. 

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