Beauty lovers visit their local salon five times a year, spending £200 on treatments

Published 16th Apr 2019 by PB Admin
Beauty lovers visit their local salon five times a year, spending £200 on treatments

Beauty lovers visit their local salon on average five times a year and spend more than £200 on treatments in this time period, according to new data by salon software provider Versum.

Using data collected from more than 325,000 of its British and Irish hair and beauty salon clients, Versum discovered that the most popular beauty treatments in the UK are manicures and pedicures (15.5%), followed closely by eyebrow and eyelash services (13.8%), facials (9.2%), hair removal (9.3%), and botox and fillers (7.3%). 

The average beauty client is 38 years old and the most popular time they book themselves in for treatments is 9am, with salons seeing four times more customers at this time and earning nearly seven times more than after office hours such as 6pm, the report found. 

This early peak timeframe continues through the lunch break with 61% of daily salon appointments completed by 1pm. Fridays and Saturdays are your peak period, with 40.19% of services scheduled on these days each week, while Mondays are your least crowded, with fewer than 9% bookings scheduled for this day. 

March, May and June are your busiest months (totalling to 30% of appointments yearly) compared to post-Christmas January and February which are your weakest for bookings (7% of appointments), the research discovered. 

“This could mean two things,” said Sebastian Maśka, chief executive at Versum. “Firstly, whether it is a summer trip or a long weekend, we want to look and feel good. Secondly, coincidentally these months [March, May and June] are also the peak season for job interviews.” 

The report is based on data from Versum registered clients between January 1 and December 31, 2018. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 16th Apr 2019

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