Beauty salons boycott gossip magazines following Caroline Flack’s death

A number of beauty salons in the UK are pledging to ban gossip magazines from their businesses following the death of television presenter Caroline Flack. 

The Boutique Hair and Beauty Salon in Cullompton, Devon, was one of the first to speak on the issue. The salon made a statement on Facebook, which has since been shared 32,000 times and replicated by other salons.

In the post the salon announced: “We have decided as a salon to bin the gossip magazines and will no longer be offering you these whilst you’re at the salon.

“With the devastating news about Caroline Flack we will not be promoting these magazines that slate people, put people down, advertise people’s personal problems, disrespect people’s outfits... the list goes on.”

Instead, the salon has said it will be replacing the magazines with “good old fashioned books ...and some educational magazines and even some colouring books.”

Another salon supporting the decision is Nik Hair & Beauty, a South London salon, that stated: “We will only supply positive magazines providing personal growth, decor, food, fashion, hair inspiration, health and wellbeing.

“We know this doesn’t stop online nasty comments and trolling. However, we want to help. We want the best for our clients and our staff.”

The Beau Boutique in Ashford, Kent, and Kolo Hair and Beauty in Chorley, Lancashire, have also pledged to ban the magazines on site.

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