The benefits of HI-FEM technology for body contouring

With technology advancing quickly, there are many non-invasive body treatments on the market for clients to choose from. However, few have shot to fame as quickly as HI-FEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic muscle) technology.  

With the ability to build, firm and tone muscle and burn fat, it’s attracting more and more clients seeking an improved appearance and improved quality of life. 

How does Hi-FEM work?

HI-FEM uses a powerful but harmless form of electromagnetic stimulation to contract the muscles, at a rate which would not be possible through physical exercise. 

It targets and focuses on the muscle being treated 100%, meaning it is more effective than many other body contouring treatments. 

What are the benefits of Hi-FEM?

The treatments work to improve and strengthen the core muscles and can improve wellness in some clients – making it especially beneficial to clients who have desk jobs. 

With Covid-19 having kept many out of the gym, more clients are reaping the benefits of improved core strength and toning. 

Low risks and no downtime

With HI-FEM, there are no requirements for major pre or post-treatment care and there is no pain. 

Clients can come in, get treated, and continue with their day without any downtime. Which client wouldn’t be interested in non-invasive, exercise-free muscle building that requires only four 30-minute treatments? 

Neo Elegance expects this technology will do to the body contouring market what Botox did to the facial rejuvenation market. 

The Neo Body Sculpt Pro by Neo Elegance is safe, effective and so easy to use that no operator is needed once treatment has begun. 

The device has four applicators to target multiple areas, including the smaller and curved applicator to treat arms and legs.

The Neo Body Sculpt Pro is available from Neo Elegance and show offers have been extended, saving you £3,000. 

This is a sponsored feature in association with Neo Elegance

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